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  • MyToGo for Skype

    MyToGo for skype works with ANY phone and skype Worldwide! skype Rates for Local or International Calls from ANY phone Now Take skype ANYWHERE You Go Using ANY phone Check skype Voice mail from ANY phone FREE Call
  • Twilight Utilities Skype Forwarder

    Never Expires. Forward skype to phone and forward phone to skype. Never miss a skype call again. skype Forwarder acts as both a telephone and a skype answering machine. As well it functions as a skype to phone and phone
  • Sors Skype Phone for Model: PD241

    Sors skype phone for Model: PD241 launched to be a convenient as well as professional application designed to help skype users who own a PD241 USB phone Model. After installation, you need to open skype in
  • USRobotics Cordless Skype Dual Phone 1.6.1

    Call around the world »“ no cords attached »“ with the skype certified USRobotics Cordless skype Dual phone. Integrating seamlessly with the powerful skype Internet voice application, the base station plugs into an
  • SiSky Personal Edition

    Make/Receive skype Calls by IP phone. If you own a SIP device, either SIP phone or SIP ATA is OK, which connect to your companys IPPBX or ITSPs SIP server, and sometimes you want to get cheaper and better calls through
  • Skype Portable Launcher 1.3

    The need of portable version of skype is discussed for years. skype is available for BlackBerry, smartphones and for Apple computers, but the ability to use this powerful communication tool from a regular USB flash drive
  • Skype Toolbar for Internet Explorer

    skype Web Toolbar for Internet Explorer The skype Web Toolbar recognises phone numbers and skype Names on webpages, so that you can call with One Click, through skype. Things you can do with skype Office Toolbar Call
  • VOIP Phone Buddy for SKYPE 2.0.21

    VOIP phone Buddy for skype VOIP phone Buddy for skype adds automatic telephone dialling to almost any windows application, using skype VOIP telephony, including Microsoft CRM, Microsoft, Access, Microsoft Outlook,
  • SkypeTuner

    Do you hate damn "skype home" loading when you start skype? Then maybe you know how to disable it from loading? No? But skypeTuner knows! It is a simple application that does only one thing - STOPS "skype home" from
  • Skype Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

    The skype Web Toolbar is used for joining the skype with your Mozilla Firefox web browser. you can make calls to your skype contacts with one click as it is capable of recognizing web pages phone numbers and skype
  • Synqit 1.13

    If you are a heavy user of skype for PC to phone calls, you want all your phone numbers that are stored in different sources to be copied into skype. Manual copying is boring; embedded skype import does not import phone
  • Click To Call With Skype

    skype’s Click and Call plug-in highlights skype contacts and phone numbers on most websites. Simply click on the number to call it with skype. Click to call with skype allows millions of users to call
  • Skype Office Toolbar

    The handy program skype Office Toolbar is using skype for sending your currently opened file to skype Contacts as well as it also place calls for you. Its usage enables you to initiate calls to skype Names and phone
  • iSkoot for Skype v1.1 for BlackBerry 1.1.63

    iSkoot for skype is free mobile software that delivers rich features of skype to your BlackBerry. It enables you to view contact presence information, set your online status, text chat, make & receive skype calls and
  • Skype Widget 11.61

    In the past, we had to launch skype messenger, and go through the same steps each time we wanted to call any phone number, or even start a voice conversation with any skype user. Now skype Widget will do these tasks with
  • vitaero

    vitaero is a software application that seamlessly connects a wireless Bluetooth® headset to skypeTM on your PC. The software works with all popular Bluetooth headsets and it has been tested and certified by skype.Just
  • EQO Mac 0.94.2

    EQO Mobile is a presence-enabled mobile service that keeps people connected to their IM and online communities from their mobile phone. EQO Mobile for skype is a J2ME application that runs on your mobile phone and is
  • Skype Portable

    skype is released for personal and business use because; it is used for connecting you with others via instant message, audio conferencing and video phone. You can call regular phone lines from anywhere in the world
  • DialDirectly (for Skype)

    DialDirectly can dial/redial names and phone numbers by copy/paste via skype DialDirectly can dial/redial names and phone numbers directly via skype. Copy names and phone numbers from any application by pressing
  • Skype to E-mail Forwarder 1.000

    skype to E-mail Forwarder is a small and easy to use application that is able to forward missed skype chats and calls to your e-mail (and e-mail enabled phone). With skype to E-mail Forwarder it's also possible to
  • EQO PC 0.92.4

    The incredible software application EQO PC makes it possible for you to keep yourself connected with IM and online communities from your mobile phone. Actually it works by connecting itself skype plug in that is running
  • Skype Email Toolbar for Outlook Express 1.0

    Bringing all your skype and email contacts together in one handy place. You can make skype calls to people who have emailed you and even call those not using skype with a wonderful thing called skypeOut. Things you
  • Skype Email Toolbar for Outlook 1.0

    Bringing all your skype and email contacts together in one handy place. You can make skype calls to people who have emailed you and even call those not using skype with a wonderful thing called skypeOut. Things you
  • SkypeLauncher 1.6.3

    With skype Launcher you are not bound to one skype account system. skype Launcher enables you to use all your skype accounts at the same time, machine, and session. It also supports 64-bit systems. With the USB Export
  • Skype Email Toolbar for Thunderbird

    Bringing all your skype and email contacts together in one handy place. You can make skype calls to people who have emailed you and even call those not using skype with a wonderful thing called skypeOut. Things you
  • Uplink Pro Skype to Sip Adapter 1.21

    Sip to skype, or skype to Sip Adapter Uplink connects SIP protocol VoIP calls to the proprietary skype phone network. It works in both directions. The SIP protocol has become the industry standard for VoIP. Thousands

    Spread the word about CryptoChat 4 skype to your friends and start having secure chat conversations over the skype network today ... IS TOTALLY FREE !!! skype Extra type: application - Features: Crypto Chat for skype
  • Calimero Skype Launcher 1.1

    Calimero skype Launcher can launch multiple skype instances for many skype accounts simultaneously. You must have installed skype version 4.0 or later. Stand-alone application, no installation is needed. Folder with
  • MySkype 1.0

    Using your mobile phone or any telephone that is caller id enabled, you simply call your skypeIn PSTN number to gain immediate access to the power of skype international calling. Whether you are traveling on business, at
  • Viewer4Skype 1.0

    Viewer4skype is an application built using skype API and intended to work in conjunction with skype. It provides a new feature that allows skype users to share pictures with each other during a skype call. The